Intra-Community acquisition

Intra-Community acquisition

Our European customers outside the Netherlands with a valid VAT number can make orders without VAT. This is also known as intra-Community acquisition. To use this service, you must follow the following steps. Wait to place your order until these steps have been completed.

Step 1: Make an account

First create an account at
Already have an account? Go to step 2.

Step 2: Contact our customer service

Fill out the form below to contact our customer service.

Pay attention! Create an account first! Your account will be set up for intra-Community delivery.

Make sure you created an account at step 1!

Step 3: Wait for confirmation

You will receive an email from our customer services confirming that your account is set up for intra-Community delivery.*
From that moment on you can order without VAT on our webshop with your account.

Do not order before you have received this confirmation!

*Pay attention! This is done manually by our customer service during opening hours.
*This may take several hours during opening hours.